Information to Protect Yourself from Computer Scammers


Information to Protect Yourself from Computer Scammers

Recently in the news there have been reports about scams where you receive a phone call (and in many cases, several calls) informing you that there is some problem with your computer that requires urgent attention.  If you have received such a call, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself and your computer system. If you have not received a call, it is likely only...

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Backing up Before you get the Blues

All computers will typically develop problems over time, with some inevitably failing at the worst possible moment. We know that backing up the data held on our computer is important, but all too frequently it ends up in the ‘too hard basket’ – or, we may assume that because we are performing backups that things are OK.

As an IT technician, I have had several occasions when I have had...

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