Offsite Virus Removal or Repairs


After we arrive and start inspecting your computer, we may find a severe virus infection (like a root-kit), and offer to take your system away to remove all detected viruses and spyware, plus repair damage to the operating system and restore internet access. Extended hardware troubleshooting or repairs can also be done off-site for the same fixed fee (excluding hardware or software). If the anticipated work is more than a few days, the technician will advise you of this, and work out a suitable arrangement with you.

Our fee includes the initial time on-site (approximately 45 minutes), taking it away, and, on delivering your system back to you, making sure that it is working before we leave (approximately 45 minutes).

Fee: $300.00 (excluding hardware or software)

Note that multiple visits to cover a disaster recovery scenario are not included as part of this fee.


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